Digital Processes and Time Based Media – 2

In the first part I discussed the effect digital media has had on the production of music and sound works, in this post I’d like to discuss some of the effects it has on visual time based work. Whereas it is definitely true that digital processes have given rise to wholly new genres of music … Continue reading

3D compositing experiments.

I have been working further on the processes I started to establish during the Hybridised Practices module, with an aim to taking a more critical analysis of the decisions I make during the process. I still have a lot of research to do on the affect that the digital medium can have on finished film … Continue reading

Digital Processes and Time Based Media – 1

Time based media, be it audio or visual, provides the artist with the ability to not only change the perspective, quality and meaning of the material they are working with, but also to present this change to the spectator or listener.  There are many different forms this change can take, from an alteration in the … Continue reading