Masters Project – 6 – The Second Film & The Whole

The second film, which plays concurrently with the first on a screen next to it, is a more traditional film edited entirely on an NLE.  I wanted to create something that was more ‘raw’ than the first film, so I have deliberately avoided doing any colour correction, grading or effects work. Therefore the look of … Continue reading

Masters Project – 5 – Video Geometry, Lighting & Process

The image above was created when I accidentally linked a set of lights to the Anna character model that were intended for the video geometry. To prepare, and then to fit, the video geometry into the 3D scene is a time consuming process which involves a few stages. Firstly the video footage itself has to be prepared which … Continue reading

Masters Project – 4 – Characters (Stray Model & Animation Style)

In keeping with the aesthetic of the model for Anna, I’ve created the model to represent myself with the same over exaggerated limb ratios. Although I did say in the post about Annas model that I intended it to have dynamic hair I found this broke the overall look of the character. So the fixed … Continue reading

Masters Project – 3 – The birth

Although the first film will not have a strictly linear timeline, in that the video geometry will not follow the actual timeline in which it was shot, there will be a definite visual section when Arianne is born. Before this point the room will be as it is at night, with no light coming in … Continue reading

Masters Project – 2 – Characters (Anna Model)

A lot of the first films narrative will be carried by animated models of both myself and Anna. As I said in the first post on this project, most of the video footage will be of ourselves going about our simple day to day activity. The animated characters will better reflect our internal emotional states. … Continue reading

Masters Project – 1 – The room.

Overview For my masters project I decided to document the birth of our child Arianne.  I wish to expand on the aesthetic look I’m developing as a film maker and incorporate a lot of the methods I employed in both ‘Outward Displays..’ and ‘Language’. I will not be filming the actual childbirth, and most of … Continue reading

Digital Processes and Time Based Media – 2

In the first part I discussed the effect digital media has had on the production of music and sound works, in this post I’d like to discuss some of the effects it has on visual time based work. Whereas it is definitely true that digital processes have given rise to wholly new genres of music … Continue reading

3D compositing experiments.

I have been working further on the processes I started to establish during the Hybridised Practices module, with an aim to taking a more critical analysis of the decisions I make during the process. I still have a lot of research to do on the affect that the digital medium can have on finished film … Continue reading

After the show

We’ve uploaded a video of the live performance on the 13th of June at The Emporium, and a compilation of the preprocessed shots. You’ll need the silverlight plugin to play them. Links: Live Show Compilation of preprocessed shots The feedback we got from the audience was positive, ranging from people describing feelings of being in … Continue reading

Live digital film improvisation

Anna Flack and I work together as filmmakers, installation artists and improvisational musicians, and we will perform a one off improvised sound and digital film performance at The Emporium on the 13th and 14th of June.  The theme and content of the work we plan to perform will be directly inspired by the immediate area … Continue reading