3D compositing experiments.

I have been working further on the processes I started to establish during the Hybridised Practices module, with an aim to taking a more critical analysis of the decisions I make during the process.

I still have a lot of research to do on the affect that the digital medium can have on finished film works. Although there are films and moving image installations which have a specific digital aesthetic, I’ve decided to focus, (for now), on the possibilities that digital 3D compositing provides. 3D compositing seems to have the strongest influence in how I approach my own work. I see a similarity in the way I use this compositing technique to the methods of dub music production, in that it allows me to separate out the elements from my raw footage, process them individually, and then reassemble them.

I will explain in two other videos the decisions I made during the production of the two shots I’ve included in the post below, which I will post here in the next few days.  I also intend to create a third shot more akin to what I intend for my Masters Project. Once these are done and documented I feel I can approach the subject of how digital processes can contribute to experimental film, and specifically to my own works aesthetic and my ideas.

Both these videos employ 3D compositing within Nuke. I’d like to apologise to any animators for the abject laziness they show in terms of creating character ‘performances’ ;). The point of these was to investigate my approach in a more critical sense, and also to develop some ‘quick and dirty’ compositing techniques to inform my film for the Masters Project.

(Irrelevant annoyance: It seems Dailymotion, the streaming host, whacks some odd blur filter atop whatever you upload)


Original Sketch

Sketch Animation


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