After the show

We’ve uploaded a video of the live performance on the 13th of June at The Emporium, and a compilation of the preprocessed shots. You’ll need the silverlight plugin to play them.

Links: Live Show Compilation of preprocessed shots

The feedback we got from the audience was positive, ranging from people describing feelings of being in altered state from watching it, to saying that it felt like watching their life and they got a strange sense of nostalgia from the film.

The show still feels unfinished to me in that we need to perform it in another space on Stokes Croft. It also revealed limitations on visual performance that using Puredata to mix and edit create. So as a result I am switching away from the Puredata solution to something I’ll scratch build in Python using the Gstreamer libraries.

The process followed to create the show (preprocessing, structural decisions and constraints adopted) did deconstruct the Stokes Croft area sufficiently to allow for enough flexibility in interpretation/reaction when assembling the footage live.  However I hope to be able to shift a lot of the work that was done in prep for the show to the new software. I don’t feel that any of the pre-show processing limited in any way the reactions/interpretations made during the performance, but I would like some of the processes to be available to me in the live working environment. The ability to manipulate the geography, and the architectural shapes, (that are inherent within a series of images that focus on a place), would allow me to come a lot closer  to exploring, discovering and interpreting a space with the sense and reactive freedom that digital media should allow.


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