Live digital film improvisation

Anna Flack and I work together as filmmakers, installation artists and improvisational musicians, and we will perform a one off improvised sound and digital film performance at The Emporium on the 13th and 14th of June.  The theme and content of the work we plan to perform will be directly inspired by the immediate area of Stokes Croft where both of us are living.

Due to all the diverse social groups living in the area, (and the different agendas of the organisations and groups that are influencing its development), there can be seen moments of conflict as well as moments of sublime inclusivity while walking around the area. Our plan is to film the area over the next few weeks, capturing such moments, with a very small standard definition DV camera. The footage gathered will then be processed with a view to re/deterritorialising the area. The live show will be an improvised edit of this footage (unconsciously influenced by the audience) and the associated sound improvisation will be made entirely from processed sounds sourced from the digital video footage gathered (conversation snippets, field sounds etc). Anna will also be improvising narrative, conversations, and singing, in response to the live image and sound edits. The area changes dramatically from daytime to the evening and this social, and lit architectural, split we see as being one of the key methods for exploring the territory.

We wish to explore how the audience may to some extent influence the outcome of the work by altering our performance (our edit), as a result of adapting to our perceptions of their reactions to it while we are producing it (Being consciously aware however as to if we are performing in conflict, or appeasement, to the reaction of the audience). This phenomena of the audience influencing a work I’m familiar with from similarly improvised films I used to perform in art galleries and other performance spaces in the early 90’s under the name ‘Deconstructed Cinema’. In order to explore the audience affect/response effectively our performance should naturally be done within the area itself, so that the audience will have a direct familiarity with the processed footage that we will be using. It will also be preferable to do the performance in more than one space in the area, as different venues attract different sections of society that are resident in and around Stokes Croft (thereby producing a different outcome of edits and completed film). Hopefully we will provide the audience with an alternative perspective on their home and the people that they share it with.

– Alistair Stray


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